I absolutely recommend Dr Lim's services

Were you pleased with the treatment?
"Without a doubt. It was my first treatment with Dr Max and I was pleased because I got the whiter teeth that I wanted at a much affordable price. I've done my research on whitening treatment prices and Dr Max only charges almost half the price of the regular market price. He demonstrated competence and expertise in what he does. He clarifies what to expect realistically. I couldn't ask for more, really. "
Would you recommend the clinic?
"Absolutely! I'm sure everyone wants a cheaper service without sacrificing quality... Dr Max provides exactly that. He's one of the most competent dentists I've encountered and he delivered the goods (at least I can genuinely say this with the whitening service + white filling I got). You can ask Dr Lim about the prices of specific services. He promptly replies to queries. He also handed out freebies which I appreciate -- pain reliever and sensodyne (my teeth were ultra sensitive after the treatment but only for less than 24 hrs and sensodyne helped a lot). The clinic is a little small and the dental chair is a bit hard on my back but I had the adequate comfort that I needed during the 2 hrs I was there. I absolutely recommend Dr Lim's services!"
Would you return for further treatment?
"YES!!! I'll avail of Dr Max Lim's dental services while I'm in Manila. I need retainers/braces to correct the gap between a couple of my lower teeth. I'm confident I'll get the best result possible. "

I was so impressed by the final results

Were you pleased with the treatment?"
I have always hated going to the dentist and I have always hated my teeth, so I wanted to get 14 porcelain crowns on my upper and lower front teeth. I was so impressed by the final results of my dentist treatment that I felt it necessary to write this testimonial.
Firstly, I have always feared dental treatment but the whole procedure was completely painless and Dr Lim was determined to make sure this would be the case.
Secondly, the price was about a quarter of what I got quoted for the same treatment in Australia.
Finally, the final result was better than I expected. I am really impressed by the quality of the treatment."
Would you recommend the clinic?
"I would thoroughly recommend this clinic. They helped me with accommodation and scheduled procedures to cater for my integrated holiday. All staff are friendly, helpful and professional"Would you return for further treatment?"I will return for further treatment in the future. The skill and care Dr Lim takes in his work makes me very confident in receiving further dental work from him and his staff."

First Impressions Feedback:

Very good

The clinic responded promptly. I was given a thorough details for my inquiries and a number of options for my treatments. Dr. Lim also provided pictures or sites where i can compare and understand the kind of treatments he mentioned in the email. And while he provided detailed landmarks on the location of his clinic for an appointment in order to make the right assessment he also suggested to take pictures of my teeth so he can have an overview of my 'teeth situation' and make a temporary treatment plan. In short, the email was very informative. And I am satisfied with Dr. Lim's approach in dealing inquiries from his customer. Thank you Doc. Keep up the good work.

fast response and aswered inquiry. im impressed

good service

Responded promptly and professionally.