I highly recommend Dr. Max's dental services to patients!

I came in to Dr. Max's clinic for a consultation regarding my discolored and crooked teeth. I started out with stories on failed attempts to change how my teeth appear, be it teeth whitening toothpaste to bleaching to appointments with other dentists. Dr. Max was very accomodating, always ready to listen to my stories and explain all my inquiries about dental health and procedures. He discussed several options available to handle my problem, including the pros, cons, and costs of each one. And he guided me to decide the dental plan I eventually decided on - Veneers.

During the course of the procedure, Dr. Max was very patient with me even though I had extremely low tolerance for pain and kept on backing away from his tools! He even worked past 8pm just to accomodate my schedule! It's been almost a month now since he installed my veneers, and by now i'm used to the feeling of the veneers (feels like part of my teeth), and the color is still as white as when it was first installed! I am happy to be Dr. Max's patient, and I highly recommend visiting his clinic, whether it be a dental check up or a 3 part dental procedure. I'm sure you will be very satisfied with his work and professionalism!

And what have you got to lose? Remember, I went in Dr. Max's clinic, quite afraid that it might be another dental disaster (like with my previous dentist). I went to his clinic with the mindset that if things go wrong I can just back out of the deal. But his patience and willingness to help you out can really be felt, and now I'm one of the many satisfied customers of his dental know-how.

Thank you Dr. Max, and more power to your very impressive career! :)
Treatment Received : Veneers


Very professional and easy to talk to! Highly recommended. I'm 100% satisfied with my veneers and I'm so glad my mom brought me to Dr.Lim. Now I'm not as scared of dentists as I was before!

Treatment Received : Veneers

Root canal and a crown

3 tooth undergone root canal and added a crown afterwards. Everything's perfect. I'm very satisfied with his services. He is the best. Highly Recommended!

The most accommodating dentist

Dr. Max is the most accommodating dentist I've ever went to. I just feel so confident with him. Great service! And thanks for the free lecture!