Satisfied with the result

I had 3 root canals and added a crown afterwards and everything's perfect. Dr.M.A. Lim has very flexible schedules. I'm very satisfied with his services. For sure, I will come again. You're the best, thank you. Highly Recommended!


I am very satisfied with Dr. Lim's service. Thank you Dr. Lim for the excellent service and for the reasonable price. You service is highly recommended. God bless you..
Treatment Received : Veneers

Highly Recommended!

I had my tooth undergone root canal and added a crown afterwards. The whole process was pain/hassle free. Doc Lim has very flexible schedules which attends to all of his patients. He also gives the patient recommendations on what possible approaches to be done on your tooth and doesn't force you to do the best and expensive way as he takes consideration on the patients' financial capacity and such. Overall, I'm very satisfied with his services. I would be scheduling some tooth extractions later on with this clinic. Highly Recommended!

Treatment Received : Root Canal, Dental Crown and Post

Treatment went very well

My treatment went very well and having a root canal was the best I ever had. Light hand and steady from the Dr. Max Lim